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LA ACADEMIA - For Our City

October 30, 2018 5 Comments

kings pro la academia

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2018-2019 Inaugural Year



Soccer in the United States is gaining popularity with such big soccer stars from all over the world joining the league. People fill stadiums with more regularity for a chance to see world famous "soccer stars" in action.

The continuous growth and promotion of soccer in the United States presents a tremendous opportunity for Kings Pro to be part of the action. And so our project begins...


kings pro la academia



La Academia is a non-profit, after school program, that aims to create a clear path to college for our scholar-athletes using soccer as a vehicle. Pioneered by Jorge Reyes, CSUF Men's Soccer Assistant Coach & Co-Founder at Kings Pro, La Academia is the result of years of intense research, rigorous studies, personal experience, and a passion for helping the future leaders of our communities.

Our mission is to create a program with a professional environment where kids and teenagers have access to top level coaches, trainings, facilities, programs, and philosophies regardless of their socio-economic status. In other words, we want to level the playing field. By partnering with Carr Intermediate School in Santa Ana, California, we have successfully begun what will go down as the first year in La Academia history.

Let us show you a glimpse of what La Academia is all about!


kings pro la academia



Training regiments, philosophies, and curriculums at La Academia are at a world class level with an emphasis on the true development of the soccer player. Age specific training sessions allow us to get the most out of each player while keeping in mind their school workload.

La Academia is a year round program that compliments the scholar-athlete's academic schedule. Our players train after school, 3x a week, from the beginning of the academic year (August/September) to the end of the school year (June). Games, scrimmages, and exclusive events take place during the weekends at our state-of-the-art facilities at Carr Intermediate School.


kings pro la academia



Scholar-athletes are what our players are and there is a reason why scholar comes first. We understand the importance of performing well in the classroom which is why we offer our players extra support to enhance academic performance.

La Academia works directly with Carr Intermediate School to provide a tutoring program designed to help our scholar-athletes manage the workload of school and soccer successfully. Currently our players attend the Engage 360 tutoring program, 5x a week, throughout the entire school year.



On top of training sessions and tutoring programs, players participate in custom workshops, 2x a month, designed to challenge the scholar-athlete to think critically and problem-solve in soccer, academics, and their social life. These workshops are age specific and the information presented within them is crucial to the development of the player and also, confidential.

The development of each soccer player would not be possible without parental support which is why parents also participate in custom workshops, 1x a month, designed to equip them with the right tools and information to better support their kids in the journey of a scholar-athlete.


kings pro la academia



For us, seeing is believing which is why we have partnered with some of the most prestigious Division I university/college soccer programs in California that host our players for regular season games, permit exclusive access to trainings, facilitate campus tours, and coordinate meet-and-greet events where our group interacts with current coaches, players, and staff on the teams.

In our experience, it was life touching moments like these that ignited and motivated our passion for the beautiful game. Instead of telling our scholar-athletes where a soccer ball can take you, we want them to experience it for themselves.


kings pro la academia



At La Academia, we believe in giving back to our community and paying it forward which is why we partnered with various organizations and schools to get our players involved in the progress of their communities. 

Our players participate in year round events such as cleaning the beach, caring for the elder, helping kids with special needs, and mentoring younger peers, amongst other things. 

At La Academia, we believe it is possible to become a great soccer player and a great person at the same time.



The ultimate vision at Kings Pro has been the creation of this soccer academy that we are calling, La Academia. We believe that with our insight, personal experience, knowledge of the game, support from the players, parents, principals, and authoritative figures in Santa Ana, we can help connect social mobility, educational attainment, and equal access to the world of soccer in the United States.

La Academia is being formed as a non-profit organization and will look for donations to help offset the costs of running the program.


kings pro la academia maricarmen reyes



2018-2019 marks the first year of La Academia and we invite you to follow us on ALL our social media platforms to learn more about what we are up to!

We appreciate all the love and support from all our followers! If you like what you heard please share this blog with someone you think would also enjoy the read. 

We appreciate your help in spreading our vision and we'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below :)




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Bryan De La Torre
Bryan De La Torre

November 14, 2018

You guys are AWESOME! Love all the work that you guys do. Loyal customer since day one! Viva La Academia and viva Kings Pro!

Sonia Orozco
Sonia Orozco

November 04, 2018

This is so awesome you guys! I’m so proud of you guys for doing something BIG for our fellow Santaneros. The kids are our future and you’re helping pave the way to success! So incredibly proud of you all! Keep it up!

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